The Canadian supergroup is back at it again, with their 7th full-length studio album coming in April 2017.  Our first slice of poppy goodness is “High Ticket Attractions” which accentuates what The New Pornographers’ strengths, harmonious hooks from Carl Newman and Neko Case, and disco-bass driven chamber pop melodies.  It’s reminiscent of Electric Light Orchestra, but with more urgency and swagger.  If the rest of the album is this good, I’m very excited to give it a spin.


2 thoughts on “New Release: The New Pornographers, “High Ticket Attractions”

  1. Hi Andrew – thanks for visiting and for leaving the very first comment on my blog!

    If you like The New Pornographers, maybe check out Broken Social Scene – another Canadian indie supergroup. They’re a little more avant-garde with jazz horns and interesting arrangements. I’d also recommend Belle and Sebastian, a Scottish ‘twee-pop’ group, if you like the sugary hooks.

    Besides that, Carl Newman is the main singer/songwriter for The New Pornographers, and he has three full-length releases in his catalog (as AC Newman) beginning with 2004’s brilliant album The Slow Wonder. My favorite New Pornographers albums (thus far) are Twin Cinema and their latest, Brill Bruisers.



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