Alright, I just wrote about this amazing cover band, and here’s a taste of what they can do.  Not the best quality video (a lot of audience chatter) but it’s a good example of Pink Talking Fish’s ability to navigate between Floyd, Phish, and Talking Heads songs with both accuracy and emotion.  The guitar work is impeccable, but check out the drumming in the intro, as well.  The transition into Phish’s “Ghost” isn’t flawless, but Eric Gould’s chunky bass riff propels the band back into a groove for the remainder of that jam, which includes some good back-and-forth between Gould and keyboardist Richard James.  The final transition is a little more seamless, and the band continues through a pretty faithful rendition of the classic “Psycho Killer” with a little “Life During Wartime” groove sprinkled in between the verse and bridge. Enjoy!


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