I wish I could describe the concerts I saw this weekend in great detail, an honest and balanced evaluation with both highlights and critiques, but I can’t do that this time.


Dead and Company at Folsom field was an indescribable experience, to me, but I’ll do my best to convey my thoughts about the weekend. Friday night was slightly subdued, as we hung back in the stands where there was plenty of room to dance.  The band was on fire, dropping a crowd-pleasing setlist full of danceable numbers, beginning with the Martha Reeves classic Dancing in the Streets, which was propelled by Oteil Burbidge’s poppy disco bass.  John Mayer’s technical prowess was also a feature of the first set, and his vocals were appropriately restrained in contrast to Bob Weir’s throaty growl.  Set 2 elevated the intensity, with Bobby’s hoarse vocals approaching a shout on early set ragers “St. Stephen” and “Estimated Prophet” before cooling off for a gentler “Eyes of the World”.  The Drums/Space sequence added a lovely touch of psychedelia as the hot summer evening finally gave way to darkness (and the urgent “The Other One”) before settling down into the set closer “Morning Dew”, which contained a brilliant closing crescendo jam from Mayer, once again.  The only disappointment of the night was a short ‘Touch of Grey’ encore that could have used a pick-me-up, but for ‘Night 1’ I was definitely satisfied.


Night 2 was just a wonderful Boulder experience, on the floor with an incredibly enthusiastic and welcoming group of partiers, the energy was euphoric. It certainly could have been the drugs, but I had a spiritual experience on Saturday night at Folsom Field, one that continued onto the green lawns of CU campus, to the midnight after-show (Dopapod at the Fox Theatre) and on to the final after party in the RV, which ended at 7:30am (at least for me) with a quick nap on the couch.  A brunch re-charge (with bloody marys) was essential before finally heading back to Denver.  It was one of those weekends, man.  Makes you re-evaluate your whole life, and consider what makes you happy.  I felt something this weekend that I haven’t felt in a long time out on that field, dancing like a hippy doofus.  I felt like I belonged.  These are my people, I thought.  This is the place where I should be right now.  Big thank you to everyone who helped me get there!  Peace and Love!


“If you get confused, listen to the music play…”


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